About LaShawanda

I am the wife of a loving husband, mother of 4 beautiful children, an engineer, speaker, professional coach, consultant, and founder of Elevate Success™.  My company is dedicated to helping professional businesswomen unlock their potential and breakthrough to the next level within their business so that they can make the impact and income they desire.

Over the course of my career in direct sales as a lia sophia fashion advisor, I have obtained high level leadership status, built a team of over 300 advisors in 15 plus states with annual sales averaging $4MM.  After more than 10 years in lia sophia and coaching hundreds of women, I have learned many lessons and developed tools that I believe others can use to help build their businesses, thus the creation of Elevate Success™.  Now, I am committed to sharing with women all over the world so that they can be the businesswomen they set out to be when they first started their respective companies.

In addition to my entrepreneurial experience in lia sophia, I am also a Civil Engineer by background, holding a Masters in Business Administration.  Within corporate America, I have held roles in project management, supervision, recruiting, sales and marketing, new market development and sourcing.  I was fortunate to help 100s of engineers learn the “Art of Networking” and develop a career plan to help make their corporate goals a reality.  My vast amount of experience in both corporate and direct sales, along with my training via the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) program has created a dynamic way of coaching, training and developing others in business to live a fulfilling and balanced life.

I strongly believe there is an “Art and Science to Sales” and everyone pursuing an entrepreneurial career must understand how to earn the right to advance in the “sales” process to grow a sustainable business.  My field experience helps me understand the difficulties and hurdles of building such a career.

It’s your time:  “Elevate from limitations to possibilities: Unlock your potential, be Uplifted in mindset, and Ignite your passion into the world!”