LaShawanda is a powerful and dynamic speaker who is passionate about helping women realize their full potential in business and life. With over 10 years of direct sales experience, she has grown her team to over 300 advisors in 15 states by providing keynotes, seminars, multi-level workshops, personal coaching and other team trainings.

LaShawanda’s presentations are engaging, focused on solutions, and inspiring.  She has an amazing ability to help connect with your inner motivator such that results follow.  In addition, experiencing LaShawanda will help you focus on your vision to achieve your desired level of SUCCESS!


Keynote Speaker

A presentation will be tailored to your conference theme that will leave your attendees energized.



“How to Get Out of the Dry Spell Into a Thriving Business”:

For the direct sales representatives that struggle with getting bookings outside of shows, this workshop will provide the tools and empowerment required to move from a dry place in business to a thriving one.


S.T.E.P. into Leadership Boot camp:

In this 6-8 week program, we will develop and cultivate the qualities of leadership, drive, and consistency in participants such that you are prepared for leadership within your respective companies.


“Increase your passion, Increase your profits!”:

No one wants to be sold to, yet everyone wants to be helped, in this session business owners will learn “how to have the heart for your product/service.” This workshop will teach you how to marry your passion in life with your business offering such that you look at your transactions as an opportunity to serve the world.


“7 Mistakes Direct Sales Professionals Make”:

To run a sustainable business, it is imperative that representatives understand the critical mistakes that must be avoided as you work a direct sales business.  After experiencing this workshop, you will have a new outlook on what it takes to unlock your potential and embrace the journey.


“The Non-Intrusive Formula for Meeting New Clients”:

As a business owner, you must master the art of meeting new people in order to keep the doors of your business open.  This workshop will teach you how to effectively network without turning people off.


“The Art of Influence”:

The key to success in business is mastering the art of influence; getting people to do what you want them to do, like patronize your business.  In this workshop you will learn the key character traits necessary to master the art of influence and own a thriving business.


“Back to the Basics:  Booking, Selling, & Recruiting”:

There are 3 legs to the direct sales stool: “Booking, Selling, & Recruiting.”  Any one leg out of place can cause an unbalanced and immobile business.  This workshop will take you “Back to the Basics” to get your business moving in a progressive and balanced way.


“7 Secrets to Avoiding Overwhelm”:

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed as you work to manage your family, life, work, and business.  Often times, you settle in a mindset of “I Can’t Do It All!” This workshop will provide you with the secrets of how to do it all and be effective in every aspect of your business and personal life.


“Coaching Direct Sales Professionals to Success”:

It is evident that when a person is connected to their inner motivator, their emotions produce thoughts and actions pertinent to accomplish goals.  This workshop will teach direct sales leaders & future leaders the basic coaching skills necessary to keep your top 20% moving and empowered.


Other topics regarding business, networking, sales and mindset shift are available.  Contact our office today for more information.